I’m sorry for the things I said when it was Winter

No Winter lasts forever. No Spring skips its turn.

This Spring has been the most inspirational for me in a long time!

I’m a self-confessed Border Hoarder. It’s when you’re not quite a hoarder, but you’re right on the border. I’ve been working hard this winter to organize the hoard and either sell or donate anything that no longer serves me or my family. Mind you, this hoard also contains my business inventory which frequently co-mingles with my personal home decor. My struggles with letting things go has been pretty well documented on this blog namely here and here.

I don’t know if it is age or if after two years in this business it just gets easier to determine what material objects bring me joy and which ones I’m okay with letting go of. So I have sold numerous items dirt cheap on Craigslist not because I don’t still love them but because it was time to let them go.

I do love going in to someones home and seeing the things they’ve collected that are a true reflection of them and where they have been. I am however coming to the conclusion that you really don’t need ALL collections of ALL things displayed ALL at once.

Here’s why:

  1. Less to dust and clean (need I go on?)
  2. If you keep some things stored away, you have your very own store to shop from when you need to freshen up your space.

I have a few collections that I love with my whole heart but I flat out get sick of looking at them every day and begin to resent cleaning and dusting them. Now, I am not talking about Precious Moments in a curio cabinet here.  I am talking about beautifully aged silver trays or the hand stitched vintage quilts I CANNOT stop buying.  These things are works of art to me.  Not simply numbered beanie babies that you have in trash bags in the attic because “they will be worth something someday” #truestory

Some people are most comfortable in a clean home, some in a minimal home I am most comfortable surrounded my things that that make my heart happy.

I have taken this Spring to really evaluate what exactly that is and edit out anything that does not fit. Whether that means selling to the lowest bidder or just packing away for a down day something that will make my heart sing when I pull it out, dust it off and find new place to put it.


Spring Succulent - The Junkery

Spring Succulent - Tribal throw - The Junkery


(Image @thejunkeryvm)


(Image @thejunkeryvm)

Stay tuned for more spring inspiration.


Plan a little more

Every good blogger seems to address the New Year in some way. I’m a smidge late, I know. Whether it be listing out the pros and cons of the previous year or developing elaborate resolution lists for both home and career including becoming an Oil Puller (just Google it) or to outdo SuzieQ in the next cubbie in sales all year long.

“Why I am not a planner” was the initial title of this post. My mom and I were having a conversation and she made the statement, “I know you’re not a planner but…” I have always been the fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I try to plan for things that are top of the list important (birthday’s, holidays and I’ll have a sitter months in advance when my favorite band is in town) other than that I just figure out life as I go.

Even though I wasn’t diagnosed until about 4 years ago, from a pretty early age (10 or so) I have struggled with an auto-immune disease that has left me debilitated and on the couch one day and cleaning my house top to bottom the next. If I may play pseudo-psychologist for just a moment, I believe my lack of planning manifested itself as a defense mechanism against disappointment. Picture my middle school self, a sleepover I’d planned for weeks and me on the couch with a migraine and an ice pack on my head as all my friends sat around me gossiping and watching a movie. Talk about a bummer! Now imagine this happening year after year. Eventually your brain just begins saying “If I feel okay, I’ll go.”

Sometimes I trick myself in to thinking that my free spirit gives me and my family some freedom and flexibility while doing life. For example, my mom takes the kids to church on Wednesday nights so at 3:30 in the afternoon Keith and I decided to go see Gone Girl after work. Now, for all of you planners out there skipping Zumba AND Group Power class you take every Wednesday night without fail would cause your hands to sweat and your week would never recover. I on the other hand, along with that free spirit of mine, thoroughly enjoyed my impromptu date night  with a large popcorn with extra butter for dinner and felt no one drop of remorse or anxiety because of the change in plans.

This method of operation certainly has it’s down sides. For example, when you receive an invitation to a long time friend’s birthday and put it in the “I hope we can make it” pile and then you re-discover the invitation the day or so after the party. My heart always sinks as I am sure my friend thought I simply didn’t care enough to show when in all reality I mentally avoid making plans so as to avoid having to break them at the last minute with a migraine or some other bizarre ailment associated with my bizarre invisible illness that no one believes I have.

I am becoming increasingly aware of the elaborate ruse I have concocted to avoid committing to really anything.

Thus, in true non-planner fashion the ONLY plan I have for the New Year is to plan a little more.

Chronic Pain (Wordle) (1)Thanks for reading,


RiverView Recap

On December 4 & 5, The Junkery Vintage Market once again participated in the RiverView Family Farm Holiday Barn Sale.  This is one of my favorite events of the year!  We’ve had a fairly mild winter so far this year here in East Tennessee but the sale took place the weekend of a fairly chilly cold snap.  Fortunately, the sun was blazing both days and the farm could not have been a more magical place to spend my weekend!

My husband was scheduled to go out of town for work so the logistics of this particular weekend proved to be pretty tricky.  We were permitted to set up Thursday night before the sale so Keith, the kids, and I went over to the Cottage Door to pick up my inventory and delivered it to the venue.

I worked on a few projects Thursday evening and got up early to load the truck.  Once I dropped Archer off I was on my way.

Archer and Mommy - The Junkery

I arrived at the barn super early both days and it could not have been more beautiful there.

RiverView - The Junkery

RiverView Barn - The Junkery

My space was in a corner which made set up on Friday morning super easy!

Sign - The Junkery

Booth 1 - The JunkeryBooth 2 - The Junkery

I decided to carry my fall inventory right on into the holidays and had plenty of camping gear and flannel to go around.  I sold both tables on the right Friday day so I brought this adorable desk and abacus to fill the space Saturday morning.

Obviously Graison thought it was pretty cool!

I had an Instagram follower Cathy (right) and her sister come by to meet in person which is maybe only the second time that has happened and will probably never stop being the coolest thing ever.

Followers to Friends - The Junkery

Then some old friends showed up!


Roben and Tatum are some very dear friends who always manage to find me wherever I turn up.

Tatum and I love Christmas bulbs and we talk about them yearly.Tatum - Amber 2014 - 2015 - The Junkery

Also, Tatum found a cinnamon roll and took care of business

I’ll close with a few more photos.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath 2 - The JunkeryBicycle Wheel Wreath - The JunkeryCamping 2 - The JunkeryFlannel Bunting - The JunkeryStockings - The JunkeryCamping - The JunkeryRusty Oil Can - The Junkery

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Happy Hollerpalooza Recap

Hi Friends! It’s been a minute but Fall/Winter is the absolute busiest time of the year for me and my family and 2015 was no exception! I am going to try to get you caught up on some things I’ve been up to.

On Saturday September 26, 2015 I participated in Happy Hollerpalooza in the streets of downtown Knoxville! This event was the most different from any others I’ve done in that the demographic could not have been more varied.  It was like an Urban, Country, Hipster, Fall, Music, Food, Pet, Family Festival.

The day started out a little drizzly which delayed the markings of the spaces which were first come first serve which created in me some serious anxiety and I am so not an anxiety girl.  However, the warm sun and slight breeze adjusted my attitude with a quickness.  The vendors where set up on the yellow centerline of Central Avenue between with the stage being at the intersection of Happy Holler Rd and Central.

I did a little recon prior to the event and found out the best spaces are close to the stage. (Shout out to Heather with Blackbyrd Jewlery thanks for the insider info) I ended up about three spaces down from the stage but not after a mini panic attack due to the aforementioned rain delay.  The musical acts were vast and varied and all event appropriate.  I have to say my favorite act was probably Kelsey’s Woods.

I don’t really have any photos to share as I was alone most of the day and business was pretty steady and with the canopy the lighting was just choppy and weird.  All in all this was an event I would defiantly participate in again and If I weren’t participating I would certainly patronize the event!

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Holy Haul Y’all


Don’t forget about Happy Hollerpalooza tomorrow!

My dad is a real estate agent and being that there is still a good bit of undeveloped land here in East Tennessee old barns and houses are a regular occurrence in his business.  Sadly most people once they purchase a piece of property want the barn and house gone ASAP so they can pop up their what I like to call “Knox Box”  which is basically the same house with a few different floor plans and exteriors to choose from.

What was once rolling farmland peppered with rounded bales and 150 year old barns are now flattened subdivisions with 3000 square foot mini-mansions and pools.

Barn and Bales - The Junkery

Knox Box - The JunkeryKnoxville Subdivision - The Junkery

It’s sad to me but hey all in the name of progress right?

So, my dad had a client that was having a small farmhouse and barn removed from his recently purchased property and by removed I mean demolished, hauled off and buried forever.  My dad asked the client if we could come salvage what we could before the demo started. He agreed and we got there about three house before the house and barn was torn to the ground.  I managed to load up some treasures before they were gone forever.

There are two kinds of people in this world, either you are a junker/picker and can see the potential in something or you can’t.  One of the things I love most is the look of disbelief on someone’s face when you throw their junk in the back of the truck while your trying to hide your excitement in fear they may read your mind and they too decide that crusty barn gate would make a good head board. They are the same goobers following their wife around a barn sale handing me their debit card to pay for the galvanized bucket she is going to put her Christmas tree in or the potato basket to put her fall mums in.  I never tire of that look. Never ever.

Without further adieu:

Truck and Trailer(2) - The Junkery

Yes the pic is blurry but that is most definitely a tree growing out of the barn.  It should also be noted that my dad falls into the “I have no idea what you want with this junk”  category which I am fairly certain he mumbled no less that 5 times that day.

Barn - The Junkery

Door - The Junkery

Barn - Inside - The Junkery

Truck and Trailer(3) - The Junkery

This is my happy as a pig in mud face.

Truck and Trailer - The Junkery

There was probably a massive Kerosene tank that was loaded after this pic was taken.

Special thanks to my Dad who thinks I’m nuts but helps me anyway.

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Sidewalk Sale Recap

The Cottage Door held their sidewalk sale this past Saturday. I worked every night last week cleaning and tagging.  I fell into bed each night with that good kind of exhausted where you actually sleep because your body NEEDS it.  I almost think it is worth it sometimes to work yourself to the bone just so your body is forced to do some recovery at night.

Anyway, I got up early around 5:45 or so and my sweet Addy joined me to go down to The Cottage Door and fill my space with the Fall Inventory.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  She was such a great help to me and I really could not have gotten everything set up in time without her.

Camping - Booth(2) - The Junkery

Camping - Booth(3) - The Junkery

Camping - Chair - The Junkery

Camping - Table - The Junkery

Camping - Table(2) - The Junkery

Camping - Mugs - The Junkery

I ended up winning tickets to see my favorite band perform in Nashville Saturday night so I had to leave the Sidewalk sale around noon.  It was an absolutely beautiful September day here in East Tennessee and I hear the sale was a huge success!  Thanks to all of my people who came out!

Lynn and Rosanna - The Junkery Shonna and Kristin - The Junkery

BTW the Gigi in blue is my mom and the new mommy on the right is my sister with my new nephew Easton.

Here is a photo of Keith and I with The Cadillac Three.  Oh, and The Steven Tyler may have showed up and sang Sweet Emotion…maybe.  Also, I may have peed my pants a little.

The Cadillac Three - The Junkery

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More Fall Inventory

Well tomorrow is the day! The Cottage Door will be holding their Sidewalk Sale and I will be filling my space with all of my “campy” treasures. I did want to share a few more items I’ve added over the last several weeks.

This adorable graniteware pot should be a staple in anyone’s camping arsenal.  It is the perfect size for making stew over the fire or boiling water.

Bean Pot - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

I love rust.  Like with my whole heart.  I think there is just something unexpected and special about the way an authentically rusty piece looks with all the other perfectly coordinated things we put in our homes.  It has a small crack in the glass but is old and has tons of character.

Lantern2 - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

So I have saved one of my favorites for last.  This plaid thermos is as “campy” as it gets from the aluminum plaid exterior to the screw on mug.  My heart may have skipped a beat or two when I spotted it.  I knew it made the perfect addition to the fall inventory.

Thermos - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

One of my most favorite things about my business is searching for items that fit perfectly together.  I cannot wait to see my space filled with all this campy goodness.

I hope to see you at the Sidewalk Sale tomorrow at the Cottage Door.  We will be getting started around 9:00 am.

Thanks for reading,