Have you ever had a clear vision of something you wanted, in your mind, with no clue where to begin to make it happen?

I guess I have always known junk was my thing. As a young child, we are talking five or six, (because I kept EVERYTHING) on cleaning day my mother would stand at the door of my bedroom with a black trash bag large enough to fit a body and demand I choose what would go in that bag, never to be seen again. As traumatic, or perhaps as, dramatic, as that sounds I am certain anything that went into the abyss of that gigantic black bag went to some well deserving family or charity. All I knew was I had to part with my junk that I loved dearly so that I could make room for, you guessed it, more junk and I was not happy about it. It made for many tear filled Saturday mornings for both my mother and I. Sorry mom!   I also vividly remember the first time I saw potential in a piece of furniture. I was 11 and shopping yard sales with our babysitter.   That morning my mom had given me a $10 bill and about the third yard sale in, I spotted a small oak table with a drawer. I had no idea why I wanted it, or what I would do with it, but our babysitter graciously helped me schlep my $7 table to her mini-van. As soon as I got home I set about refinishing that little side table by sanding, staining and sealing it. I don’t remember even asking for my dad’s help. I just poked through the garage and sort of figured it out.   Short story short I have moved 3 times and have never been able to part with that little side table which serves as my husband’s night stand to this day.


The quality of this photo is crap but you get the idea right?

I don’t know where this blog or this business will take me but I knew if I didn’t do something to coral all of this creative energy rolling about inside my head I would go crazy or at least be really depressed.

I have no clue what I am doing and have spent two years (yes, paralysis by analysis, guilty as charged) trying to figure out what to do with these ideas so bear with me while I inevitably violate every blog/grammar/business rule known to web-kind.


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