You Feel Me?

If you are following my Facebook and my new baby blog the as the one and only person reading this you’re probably sick to death of hearing about this one little sale I’ve decided to do at the local flea market but that’s about all I’ve got right now so I’m just going to go with it.

I’m about a week out and I’ve got lots of different emotions and feelings going on.

URGENCY, I feel a sense of urgency as I don’t have every stitch of everything painted or tagged and waiting around on inspiration is annoying. I have always functioned and my peak under pressure but I have been told that procrastinators, like myself, use that as an excuse, but whatever. I am not one of these people that can crank out painted pieces like it is my job. I wish it were my job but it’s not so for now I must wait for inspiration (insert toe-tapping sound here).

FEAR is something that is always in me. As fearless as I like to think I am, I am not. I have a massive fear of failure that prevents me from doing anything I really want to do. I generally just stick with what I am really only mildly proficient at to get me by. When I started typing this post I still had not published my Facebook page to my friends and family. I am so sick of FEAR I could vomit.

Some days I am DOUBTFUL I am cut out to do anything well as mediocrity has been my battle cry for well over a decade.

Other days though I am overcome with JOY that I finally get to come out of the closet as the real Junker that I am in all my hoarding glory.

The truth is I don’t believe this one sale will make or break this little business or this blog. I believe it is merely a stepping stone. I don’t know if I will sell one stick of my junk but I do believe I will learn and grow. I need to get my feet wet and I have big plans for a little business and I hope the one person reading this will tell someone else and will make three of us and three is a party!!

Hope to see you next weekend!

Until you are ready to look foolish you’ll never have the possibility of being great- Cher



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