My First Sale!

It has taken me a few days to really process what I wanted to say about my grand opening of sorts. As we all can agree planning ahead is always a good idea and it’s my understanding all good bloggers plan their posts out in advance.

At this point I would like to include an excerpt of my first draft of this post that was prepared well in advance of my sale:     Well friends, it was just as I suspected. My gut feelings are generally spot on to the point that it is creepy. I made almost nothing on my first foray in to the junking world, okay not almost nothing, I spent more in preparation than I actually made which equals well, less than nothing.

Clearly, I’m not the least bit cynical. If any of my friends ever need help with their con portion of their pro/con list they know who to call but I prefer the term realist over negative, thank you very much.

My expectations were pathetically low but this one little sale gave me so much hope about my business. I never thought I was what you would call a people person but I met so many absolutely beautiful people! A sweet woman named Pat came by my booth and checked out my succulents. She was a wealth of information on the subject and she freely shared it with me. As simple a gesture as that was, I could tell it was her passion which in turn made me excited. True to her word she even showed up the next day with several plantings for me to start my own succulent garden. This woman did not know me from Eve but she and I connected over a pretty little plant. This same scene replayed itself throughout the weekend with several different people. Keith says I have an invisible sign around my neck that says “tell me your life story.”

My creepy, negative paragraph from the post that never was, ended up being totally false. I did make some money and I felt like in my heart I was right where I was supposed to be. I never expected to make a bazillion dollars. In fact, I really knew this would only be a jumping off point. Most real junk sales throughout the nation will not take a chance on a newbie vendor so I needed some good photos of my booth. My grand plan {insert evil laugh here} is to first become a vendor at some regional junk shows and then conquer the world with my own market. {Okay perhaps only Knoxville}.

So, all was certainly not a wash as I thought and I live another day to continue my quest of Knoxville junk domination.


By the way, I posted a giveaway on my Facebook for the first follower to come see me at my booth and the winner was my friend Terri Fann. Thanks Terri!

Expectation is the root of all disappointment.


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