My first series is entitled “Currently” I hope you enjoy and I’d love for you to do your own Currently post in the comment section below!

Listening: to Dierks Bentley- Riser


Working: on a new post!

Interested: in learning about essential oils

Opening: my photo disk from my first sale (Thanks Ergen Photoraphy!)


Wearing: Jeans and a T

Wondering: if this rain will last all weekend

Pinning: fall décor. Please find The Junkery on Pinterest!

Wanting: some new fall clothes

Feeling: like I may be getting sick YUCK!

Reading: Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls (Thanks Sha-Sha)

   Half Broke Horses

Wishing: I’d brought my rain coat today

Liking: peanut butter these days

Wasting: energy, I left the garage lights on Grrr!

Enjoying: my little boy’s year 3

Hoping: I’m not getting sick

Needing: a cough drop

Excited: that The Junkery has an Instagram!

Drinking: yogi Green Tea Pure Green Decaf


Wanting: some caffeine

Knowing: everything will work out

Thinking: Addyson looked beautiful for picture day today

Waiting: for the weekend

Smelling: some random fall candle

Loving: Encouragement from my peeps



Thanks for reading, Amber


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