The Purge

No, this is not a review of  that creepy horror flick I do, however, anticipate it will be every bit as terrifying as the film.

In the last year I have lost 30+ lbs, started a new business and regained some semblance of health. Next year I will have a middle-schooler, I will cross the threshold from thirty to “in my thirties” and I’m expecting lots of great things for 2015. Things they are a changin’.

Now as all of us chicks know there are certain clothing items you keep forever no matter what size you are, your oversized cable knit sweater with frayed sleeves, your favorite size 6 jeans that you are ashamed to admit you have had since high school, your Levi’s jean jacket that has been to every concert with you since you were 16. These are all staples in your closet that may never, ever leave even if you go years without wearing them.

Then there’s all the other crap: your mom jeans that you wear the entire month of January because you ate too much over the holidays and let’s face it, nothing else fits; your dress clothes that you only bought because that is what your mom says you are supposed to wear to church or that night gown that your husband FINALLY told you was hideous (true story folks).

The same goes for certain belongings you have pieces of furniture, linens, dishes, etc. that you love with your whole heart and then you have just “stuff”. Stuff you are holding onto “in case” you ever need it.

Keith and I went through a period of time where we zero dollars to run out and buy the latest and greatest of anything (I don’t know that we are even at that point now but we are certainly in a better place than we were even 5 years ago). Thus, I would hoard things that I thought we may someday need even if we didn’t need them right then so that IF the time ever came we did not have to go buy it. I would simply go to my stash pull out something that I could use, dust it off, and make it work. We are talking dishes, clothes, sheets, curtains you name it. None of it was really me or my style and simply served as a rainy day security blanket. Most of it was hand-me-downs which I am eternally grateful for but friends the hoard has got to go!

The time has come and with my knack for perfect timing as we go into this holiday season I intend to absolutely purge my home of anything I don’t LOVE or that does not serve me or my family today, right now.

I refuse to hold on to those size 14 dress pants from my former life that I paid a pretty penny for but really just hate or the lidded casserole dishes that are adorable but let’s get real, when I make casserole dishes my glass Pyrex dishes work just fine. Furthermore, the only time I would ever need those adorable lidded casserole dishes is if I decided to have people over to my house which would require at least 4 days of deep cleaning that I fully intend to execute once this PURGE has taken place. On second thought, perhaps I’ll just hang on to those lidded casserole dishes and we’ll all just have a PURGE PARTY.

So much of my family’s time is spent managing stuff. Stuff we don’t need anymore or stuff we could simply do without.  The days of hoarding things for a rainy day are over.

Now, let me be clear, none of these purging shenanigans will include one single item of my Junkery inventory. Those are things I’ve collected that are truly my style that I want to share with my friends.   If anything I have probably subconsciously convinced myself this purge should happen for me and my family but really it’s probably just to make room for more great Junk!

My hope is that by eliminating some unneeded clutter from our lives we can begin to focus on each other and the things that are important to us right now and perhaps bless someone else with our extra stuff. Water Angles Ministry in Knoxville is always in need of seasonal clothing for men women and children so feel free to join me in donating!

If you thought this blog was never going to get really personal, just you wait. I plan to document this PURGE in hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

So, who is with me?


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