Barn Sale at Riverview Family Farm

December 5 & 6 I will be at the Riverview Family Farm Barn Sale at 12130 Prater Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922. I’ll have a space inside so weather should not be an issue.

I have been shopping, cleaning, fixing, painting and pricing for the last month or so to get ready for the sale and I haven’t exactly nailed down a theme as I would have liked to because I really could not afford to be too choosy with this particular sale being so soon buuuuut let’s just say I am going to have a very hard time parting with most of the items. I love them that much.

My basement is still in “Purge Mode” (if you haven’t already, you can read about that madness here) the only set up prior to sale will be in my mind’s eye which worked pretty well for me last sale, albeit profoundly nerve wracking.

I found at the last sale, once I had a good sweep of people a lot of my inventory was depleted to the point that each night after we closed up I was fishing for stuff at home to replenish. This go round I have broadened my search terms and now have a variety of things going at one time; the primary being Farmhouse, obviously some Vintage Christmas, a little Tribal and some Vintage Industrial. I have some Children’s items and even a few nautical items if you like that sort of thing.

Additionally, my booth will be filled with painted furniture, succulents, breadboards and MORE TRIBAL BLANKETS which were a huge it at my last sale. You can expect a lot of muted tones and not a whole lot of vibrant colors. Most of my Christmas items aren’t bright red and green but more vintage Christmas.

For the sale, I would suggest bringing a large bag or tote and perhaps even some newspaper or bubble wrap to carry your treasures, I will certainly plan to have that stuff on hand though. I will be accepting cash or credit/debit but I suggest carrying some cash with you as some other vendors may not be equipped to accept credit cards.

I feel like I learned so much with my first sale I absolutely cannot wait for you to see what I’ve got planned.


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