That is about the way my brain feels currently. There is so much going on with my little business right now honestly, I’m having a hard time keeping up.  On February 18, 2015 I participated in my second event called The Traveling Bazaar hosted by Tamara Cook.  I was invited the week of as a vendor backed out last-minute thus, I’m not listed on this adorable flyer.  I was however, thrilled to participate and the sale went FANTASTIC!  I had existing customers come out to the venue to see me and met lots of new people, customers and vendors alike! facebook_1427138787605 In fact, I loved it so much I will be back Sunday May 3, 2015. In other exciting news, I have been invited to participate in the Clinch River Antique Festival May 2,  2015 in Clinton, Tennessee. (Yes that is the day before The Traveling Bazaar and yes I’m cray cray).  Now, those of you who live locally know that Clinton is sort of an Antique Mecca in these parts but apparently Fodor’s Travel believes so also as Lil’ ol’ Clinton was listed as one of the 10 best Antiquing Towns in the U.S. antique-festival-header1 Clinton, Tennessee I am more a Junk/Vintage gal myself and I don’t get all hootie tootie about my “Antiques” so here’s to hoping I’m not completely out of my depth with this event. Although I know some of my items are pretty valuable I buy cheap, sell cheap. For a complete 2015 Schedule of Events go to my Amber’s Schedule Tab ALSO, I have some booth news to announce soon so stay tuned! Thanks for reading Amber


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