It’s hard out here for a Junker

In my line of work you run into some things sometimes that you have a very hard time letting go of.  Here are a few of mine:

(I realize these were posted to The Facebook a couple of weeks or so ago but It’s my blog and I can post if I want to)

I can’t even get over these 1935 Homer Laughlin “Appletree” Mixing Bowls.

Homer Laughlin Bowls

According to this 1933 Advertisement there was originally 5 bowls in the set.  I have seen some sets even with missing bowls go for almost $300 bones on Etsy and Ebay.  If and when they go, there will most certainly be a background check involved.

Homer Laughlin Advertising

Not sure what the story is with these retro mugs but the sayings are quirky and totally caught my eye. If it is weird and different I usually like it. I love the unexpected “Bless this lousy kitchen.” Which is your favorite?

Mugs - The Junkery

Do we even need to discuss the Ironstone Pitcher?  Of course I kept it, massive crack and all.

Ironstone - The Junkery

Thanks for reading.



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