New Dance Floor!

Back in December I shared with you here that The Junkery had outgrown our basement and I’d be moving into Heavenly Bling Boutique in Knoxville. Well the time has come friends, I’m moving out!

I generally work this little business of mine on my lunch break from my Big Girl Job or nights and weekends.  While lunch breaking one weekday I start chatting up a sweet lady and I quickly learned that she is co-owner at Cottage Door Antiques in Fountain City.

Cottage Door Logo

Now my friends will tell you I am a bit of a fangirl and not just for Adam Levine or Jaren Johnston but anyone who does what I want to do, wears what I want to wear, eats what I want to eat…you get the picture. So needless to say I almost peed down my leg when the owner of one of my stomping grounds is talking shop to me. As I tried to maintain myself the conversation became very businessy very quickly.  I let a day or two pass so as not to seem too awful stalkerish and I went into The Cottage Door.  I have been there a hundred times but walking in this time was somehow different.  A blast of opportunity hit me square in the face as I entered and for the first time since beginning my business I felt nothing but pure excitement.  Not fear, not apprehension, not doubt but excitement.

That day I spoke with another one of the other co-owners of The Cottage Door and she showed me the available space.  The next day I got the call and official invitation to join the ladies at the Cottage Door Antiques. I will be moving my space April 12, 2015. I will also be working at the store 1 Saturday a month. I am grateful for my three months at Heavenly Bling but I am excited to be learning and growing my business.

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