Fixin’ To Friday

Generally the conversation goes something like this:

Baby Daddy:     Are you going to do something with this?

Me:      I’m fixin’ to paint it, glitter it, mod podge it, reupholster it or (just insert any other craft terminology here)

Bless his heart, at any given time there is a mirid of projects that are in one stage or another of transformation. He sees a pile of used coffee filters and palate wood and is itching to make a trip to the dump. I see endless crafting possibility.

In honor of all those “craft supplies”, ½ done projects and Baby Daddy’s everywhere I present to you “Fixin’ To Friday.”

I will be sharing a project on Fridays that is in one stage or another of its transformation. Sometimes it may just be a pile of wood I have a vision for others it may be something just lacks a few finishing touches and other times I may be in need of some inspiration and will be asking for your help. I would love for you to join in also. You can link your projects in the comment section below or go to my Facebook and add your photos to the comment section under the post.

My goal with this is to not only encourage myself to get started on some of those visions I have but also to get you going on whatever it is you have been Fixin’ to do…for the last year or so.

First up:

I recently found a few flour sacks in a local antique store.  I carried them around and even made it to the counter with them but in the end the price point was a bit high for me so I passed. I was in love with them but didn’t quite have a vision of what they would become.  I may have sort of hidden them between a baker’s rack and another shelf in hopes that no one else would see them and buy them while I waited on my “vision.”  I know, I know shame on me.

A week or so later I spotted this ottoman in a local thrift store.

Flour Sack stool - Before3 - The Junkery

While I am  pretty sure it is hand made and certainly functional and sturdy I’m not really diggin’ it’s 1988 Conversion Van upholstery vibe.

Flour Sack Stool - Before5 - The Junkery

I immediately had that sinking feeling of regret.  Gahhhh why the heck did I not buy those dang flour sacks?  As a creative person you have to learn when something “speaks” to you, you should really just listen. If I ever wished for Go-Go Gadget wings it was in that moment. I hauled booty over to the antique mall breezed through the door five minutes until close and prayed all the way back to this chicks booth that they were still there. SCORE!  I made it to the counter with about a minute and a half left till close.

Flour Sack Stool - Before2 - The Junkery

It definitely could use a bath but I think it will make perfect upholstery for the ottoman and check out that striping.  Whatever stains don’t come out will only add to the one of a kind farmhouse character I’m hoping to achieve with this piece.

Flour Sack Stool - Before1 - The Junkery

Once completed, I’ll have it with me for sale at the Clinch River Antique Festival on May 2, 2016 in Clinton, Tennessee.

Link your projects in the comment section below or head over to my Facebook and upload your Fixin’ To Friday projects.

Thanks for reading



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