Chippy Goodness

Each day this week I am featuring some pieces that will be traveling with me to Clinton, Tennessee for the Clinch River Antique Festival and the Traveling Bazaar this weekend.  Yesterday we talked about these pitchers.  Today these tables are stealing the spotlight!

First though, I am going to use the “I’m new” excuse for these photos.  I don’t think the “chippy goodness” rings as true as I’d like.  While the rhododendron is beautiful it’s certainly not the perfect backdrop.  The evening natural light in my home is nonexistent so I sort of have to make do.

I’m obsessed with this adorable three legged half table.  It has scalloped edges and would work perfect in an entry way or even as a night stand.  I just love it’s turned legs and the little medallion on the front.

Chippy Half Table - The Junkery Chippy Half Table (2) - The Junkery

The color on this table is sort of a chameleon. In some light it looks blueish and in other light is gray.  I do feel it is a little darker in person than this photo shows.  I love it so much I even have the perfect spot for it in my entryway since my daughter stole my entry table to use as a nightstand. So, if it does not sell it definitely won’t hurt my feelings.

Next is this sweet little Duncan Phyfe-esqe coffee table.  I’m not savvy enough to know if this is an original or reproduction, not that it really matters to me.  I suspect it is probably a reproduction though. It does still have all four original brass toe tips which is cool because a lot of these I have seen they are missing, broken or (gasp) painted over. As with lots of vintage or antique furniture though, this one is not in perfect condition there is a chunk of trim missing in the back left corner. I don’t really mind that since the finish lends itself to that well used worn in look.  Sort of like that hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans.

Chippy Duncan Phyfe - The Junkery

I like that even though these two tables were purchased separately they both happen to have the medallion detailing.  They aren’t exactly the same color but they definitely compliment each other.  I wouldn’t mind seeing them find their home together.  I wouldn’t consider them twins or even sisters but really great friends for sure.

I am so excited for this weekend! Remember when you were a little kid and the night before something special you would lay in bed with butterflies and couldn’t sleep?  Yeah, that has been me for the last two nights.  At this rate I will be a zombie by Saturday.  The weather forecast is l looking gorgeous so far.  I hope to see you there.

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One thought on “Chippy Goodness

  1. The Traveling Bazaar

    Lovely!! I can’t wait until Sunday either! I have a table like that as well! It doesn’t have the exact same shape but all of its metal feet are in perfect repair too! I love those!! I can’t wait to have it in a living room again someday! 🙂

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