Never have I ever

Loved or hated a piece of furniture so much in one day.

Have you ever had something in your home that you absolutely could not stand looking at?

I worked on this piece for several days before the last Traveling Bazaar event I participated in.  It even went with me.  I refused to price it and even told a customer who offered to purchase it that it was not for sale because I was mad at it.  I hated it.  I hated the colors, I hated the finish, I hated everything about it. It was not what I envisioned when I started working on it.  I just felt like it belonged in a 1993 Better Homes and Garden magazine.

We got home from the sale unloaded it and only a couple of days went by before I threw a blanket over it so I would not have to look at it as I passed through my basement. Here it is on the grass preparing for battle.


and here is the semi-finished product. there is only a number on top of that paint can but I have two gallons of it and from here on out I’m calling it Farmhouse White.  It’s not too cream, not too white, not too beige it’s just right.  I am painting anything that doesn’t move with it. I just love the way the beadboard backing pops out now.  Bye Bye dated corner shelf, hello FARMHOUSESWAG.


The finished version of this piece will be available for purchase at the Clinch River Antique Festival this weekend.

Thanks for Reading,



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