Back to School 2015!

Hi Friends! It’s been a minute but this whole Back to School: Middle School Edition has been no joke.  That’s right folks, I have a middle schooler and a rather cute one might I add.

Addy - The Junkery

Saturday August 8, 2015 was my monthly Saturday to work at The Cottage Door, the store where my booth is located and because I’m not there that much it really does not feel like work to me.  I enjoy so much getting to see my friends and customers who come in to shop.

Chalk Board - The Junkery

In this Fixin’ to Friday post I talked about this awesome school table that needed a little TLC.  Well, I finished the top in a creamy white with a flat finish it and it is now for sale in my booth!  I left the legs wood for an authentic schoolhouse feel.

School Table - The Junkery

School Table - Finished - The Junkery

Sadly the cubbies sold separately.  I had really hoped someone would purchase the two together but I’m always happy to sell and make room for more junk.

I generally do not shop too many holiday or themed items for my booth but I ran across a few back to school items recently and I could not resist putting together a Back to School display.

School Bell - The Junkery George Washington - The Junkery Folding Chairs - The Junkery

This little rusty school desk is one of my favorite finds ever. With some help, I cleaned it up and chalkboard painted the top.  That’s it!  I think the rusted base gives it so much character!  I could not get the file to load here but check out my Facebook page for the video of my sweet little helper! It sold within hours along with the little red folding chairs and brass desk organizer.  I have a thing for children’s chairs.  I cannot help myself!

Rusty School Desk - The Junkery

In other news, I hope to have a winter show schedule posted soon.

Thanks for reading!



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