The Sniff Test

Before I get into today’s post I wanted to share a sneak peek of a couple of Fall inventory items that I will be bringing with me to the Sidewalk Sale.

Flask - KOA Mug - The Junkery

We have a camping trip planned for Labor Day and In the event you haven’t noticed I am super inspired!  Check out this Milk Glass KOA mug!  I guarantee you will not find this little booger in any KOA gift shop anymore.  Plus, it made it’s way to East Tennessee all the way from Durango Colorado, probably in that plaid suitcase I used as the backdrop. Who knows?  Next up is the this Lumbersexual Flask.  Ohhhhhh how I have been waiting to use the word Lumbersexual.  It’s real leather with a glass container.  I am swimming in flannel so stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the Fall inventory!

So I never do this, but today I made a hasty purchase and I’m beside myself.

On my lunch break, I was browsing the local thrift store when I came across about 20 Homer Laughlin Seville Cups like this one.

Sevill Blanc - Homer Laughlin (2)

They were .49 but were 50% off.  Freekin SCORE. I loaded those puppies up and was feeling fantastic. While I’m rolling over in my brain whether or not to keep them all for myself I spot an adorable thermos that will fit right in with my Fall inventory for dirt cheap cha-ching another score.  About this time I’m feeling pretty great.  Ya know the endorphins are in full effect.

I head over to the linen section and I see a gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS, massive rug draped over the racks.  Since I am who I am (lol) I can most certainly call dibs whenever I want just like I almost did with those Homer Laughlin mugs and you can bet your boots I did on this rug.  I already had a place for it.

A 50ish woman was intently inspecting it. Like, readers on the tip of her nose inspecting it.  I start to circle, like a vulture, once, twice, in the third turn I see her go toward the door.  I assume, either I have successfully scared her off or she is going to call her man to bring the truck. In one of my passes I happened to notice the tag said $24.99.  What the???  I lug my mugs to the front still eyeing the big, beautiful rug.  I let the chick get me about ¾ of the way checked out when I say, go ahead and add that rug on too.

I never saw the 50ish woman again and now I know why.

Once I’ve eyeballed for stains, which I rather obviously did during my circling, I always, always, ALWAYS do The Sniff Test, for you know, smoke, pet odor and such.  I have always had pretty good luck purchasing used rugs and happy as a pig in mud I head back to work.  Then it hits me I didn’t do The Sniff Test!  The dialog in my head went something like this:

“Dagummit Amber, you just wasted $25.  Do you know how many rolls of jute you will have to sell to make back that $25.”

(in my super judgmental voice that I generally try to keep tucked neatly inside my head)  “Surely anyone who could afford a rug like that would not be a dirty bird, surely”

While different versions of this conversation ping-pong back and forth in my head, I cannot get back to the office fast enough. I whip and nea nea in to my parking spot and jerk open the back door.  FIRST SNIFF, DOG PEE! Geezflippinloueez!

The inner dialog begins again!

“No dang wonder is was $24.99 Amber!”

“But Maybe it is just the one spot”

“Yeah right, what are the odds that the ONLY one is the spot you sniffed first? That thing is probably covered in tinkle.  In fact, some crazy dog lady used it in her “dog room”

I am certain tonight I will have nightmares of gigantic Great Danes and tiny Teacup Poodles all using my rug like an oversized Wee-Wee Pad.

Oh, and yes, I am sure it’s dog pee.  Let’s not pretend there is not a difference.

Because I am at my big girl job until 4:30, the actual condition of the rug remains to be seen.  However from everything I have read online good quality rugs can generally be salvaged if it is just a spot or two.

If anything, I guess I just learned a $25 lesson; never let endorphins talk you out of The Sniff Test.

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