The Sniff Test (Update)

If you haven’t had the pleasure, go read the original The Sniff Test post.

So, the fate of “The Rug” has been determined.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, the good news is the rug was absolutely beautiful.  The minty green matched my mantle perfectly and I could work with the rest if it.  It was a strange square shape but  I could work with that too.

The Sniff Test - Rug 2 - The Junkery

The Sniff Test - Rug 1 - The Junkery

Now for the bad news or should I say SAD news. There was not one visible discoloration or really even appearance of wear.  It appeared to be in great condition but my beautiful rug was a big, fat, huge, liar!

The Sniff Test - Rug 3 - The Junkery

Remember how I said I read somewhere that a good quality rug could be salvaged if it was only a spot or two of pee-pee? Yeah well this is clearly more than a spot or two.  I can actually make out where the couch and coffee table were most likely positioned.  Can you?  Those were the only areas of the backside of the rug that were not pee stained.  Now to their credit the previous owners did a fantastic job of cleaning the front side of the rug.  I’d even venture to say it may have been professionally cleaned in an effort to try and salvage it.

Needless to say…

I owned that rug less than 24 hours

The Sniff Test - Trash - The Junkery

That’s $25 of my life I’ll never get back.

Always, Always, Always do THE SNIFF TEST.

Thanks for reading,



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