More Fall Inventory

Well tomorrow is the day! The Cottage Door will be holding their Sidewalk Sale and I will be filling my space with all of my “campy” treasures. I did want to share a few more items I’ve added over the last several weeks.

This adorable graniteware pot should be a staple in anyone’s camping arsenal.  It is the perfect size for making stew over the fire or boiling water.

Bean Pot - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

I love rust.  Like with my whole heart.  I think there is just something unexpected and special about the way an authentically rusty piece looks with all the other perfectly coordinated things we put in our homes.  It has a small crack in the glass but is old and has tons of character.

Lantern2 - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

So I have saved one of my favorites for last.  This plaid thermos is as “campy” as it gets from the aluminum plaid exterior to the screw on mug.  My heart may have skipped a beat or two when I spotted it.  I knew it made the perfect addition to the fall inventory.

Thermos - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

One of my most favorite things about my business is searching for items that fit perfectly together.  I cannot wait to see my space filled with all this campy goodness.

I hope to see you at the Sidewalk Sale tomorrow at the Cottage Door.  We will be getting started around 9:00 am.

Thanks for reading,



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