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Happy Hollerpalooza Recap

Hi Friends! It’s been a minute but Fall/Winter is the absolute busiest time of the year for me and my family and 2015 was no exception! I am going to try to get you caught up on some things I’ve been up to.

On Saturday September 26, 2015 I participated in Happy Hollerpalooza in the streets of downtown Knoxville! This event was the most different from any others I’ve done in that the demographic could not have been more varied.  It was like an Urban, Country, Hipster, Fall, Music, Food, Pet, Family Festival.

The day started out a little drizzly which delayed the markings of the spaces which were first come first serve which created in me some serious anxiety and I am so not an anxiety girl.  However, the warm sun and slight breeze adjusted my attitude with a quickness.  The vendors where set up on the yellow centerline of Central Avenue between with the stage being at the intersection of Happy Holler Rd and Central.

I did a little recon prior to the event and found out the best spaces are close to the stage. (Shout out to Heather with Blackbyrd Jewlery thanks for the insider info) I ended up about three spaces down from the stage but not after a mini panic attack due to the aforementioned rain delay.  The musical acts were vast and varied and all event appropriate.  I have to say my favorite act was probably Kelsey’s Woods.

I don’t really have any photos to share as I was alone most of the day and business was pretty steady and with the canopy the lighting was just choppy and weird.  All in all this was an event I would defiantly participate in again and If I weren’t participating I would certainly patronize the event!

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