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Holy Haul Y’all


Don’t forget about Happy Hollerpalooza tomorrow!

My dad is a real estate agent and being that there is still a good bit of undeveloped land here in East Tennessee old barns and houses are a regular occurrence in his business.  Sadly most people once they purchase a piece of property want the barn and house gone ASAP so they can pop up their what I like to call “Knox Box”  which is basically the same house with a few different floor plans and exteriors to choose from.

What was once rolling farmland peppered with rounded bales and 150 year old barns are now flattened subdivisions with 3000 square foot mini-mansions and pools.

Barn and Bales - The Junkery

Knox Box - The JunkeryKnoxville Subdivision - The Junkery

It’s sad to me but hey all in the name of progress right?

So, my dad had a client that was having a small farmhouse and barn removed from his recently purchased property and by removed I mean demolished, hauled off and buried forever.  My dad asked the client if we could come salvage what we could before the demo started. He agreed and we got there about three house before the house and barn was torn to the ground.  I managed to load up some treasures before they were gone forever.

There are two kinds of people in this world, either you are a junker/picker and can see the potential in something or you can’t.  One of the things I love most is the look of disbelief on someone’s face when you throw their junk in the back of the truck while your trying to hide your excitement in fear they may read your mind and they too decide that crusty barn gate would make a good head board. They are the same goobers following their wife around a barn sale handing me their debit card to pay for the galvanized bucket she is going to put her Christmas tree in or the potato basket to put her fall mums in.  I never tire of that look. Never ever.

Without further adieu:

Truck and Trailer(2) - The Junkery

Yes the pic is blurry but that is most definitely a tree growing out of the barn.  It should also be noted that my dad falls into the “I have no idea what you want with this junk”  category which I am fairly certain he mumbled no less that 5 times that day.

Barn - The Junkery

Door - The Junkery

Barn - Inside - The Junkery

Truck and Trailer(3) - The Junkery

This is my happy as a pig in mud face.

Truck and Trailer - The Junkery

There was probably a massive Kerosene tank that was loaded after this pic was taken.

Special thanks to my Dad who thinks I’m nuts but helps me anyway.

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Fixin’ To Friday #2

On Fridays I share a project that is in one stage or another of its transformation. Sometimes it may just be a pile of wood I have a vision for others it may be something just lacks a few finishing touches and other times I may be in need of some inspiration and will be asking for your help. I would love for you to join in also. You can link your projects in the comment section below or go to my Facebook and add your photos to the comment section under the post. To see past Fixin’ To Friday go here.

My goal with this is to not only encourage myself to get started on some of those visions I have but also to get you going on whatever it is you have been Fixin’ to do…for the last year or so.

But First, The Purge Update:

As you know we’ve been working on The Purge as you also know, I am still getting in the swing of this blogging thing so forgive me for the lack of “The Purge” photos. As a family we participated in a massive yard sale at Sevier County High School. We loaded up our crap, hauled it 35 miles and unloaded it for about 3000 people to sift through. If you know anything about yardsaling in The South you know you are up before the sun and on the road with plenty of change and coffee.  Baby Daddy pulled a sleeping beauty and although I was up and ready to roll by about 6:00 a.m. he couldn’t get in gear so we wind up not getting to our spot until about 7:15. BIG FLIPPIN MISTAKE! By the time we started unloading there was already Literally 500 people perusing through the parking lot of other vendors. I’m usually pretty chill but panic set in as we began feverishly unloading. Nothing like fleeing customers to highlight just how slow your husband moves in the mornings. I swear it was like a rusty tin man. Archer my son is a worker bee and tries to move everything even things that could kill him if they fell on him. Addyson, on the other hand, my little bookworm, groans in annoyance if you even look expectantly in her direction. Anyway, we sold tons of clothes, toys and shoes we didn’t need any more and what did not sell was left there and a donation truck picked it up. All in all, totally worth it and already looking forward to the next one.

Once things slowed down a bit I had a minute to check out some of the other families Junk. I didn’t see much that spoke to me but one thing I did find took me about 2 seconds flat to decide it was coming home with me one way or another:

The Bro Table or as I like to call it The Naughty Table

Fixin To Friday - Purple Table1 - The Junkery

This purple school table is well built, no doubt to withstand the punishment school age children can put on furniture.  Even so, a few of the planks needed securing so my handymen got right to work.

Fixin To Friday - Purple Table7 - The JunkeryFixin To Friday - Purple Table8 - The Junkery

Please notice Archer happily riding along on his scooter until he hears the sound of the nail gun, after which, his dad has his full attention.  My worker bee is going to make someone a good husband someday.

My little school table came complete with sturdy legs, gum, graffiti and a penis.  Yes folks a penis.

Fixin To Friday - Purple Table6 - The Junkery Fixin To Friday - Purple Table5 - The Junkery Fixin To Friday - Purple Table4 - The Junkery Fixin To Friday - Purple Table3 - The Junkery

I can just imagine this table in the corner of some middle school class room with a couple of trouble makers cussing and shooting spit wads.

I have some plans for this retired school table.  I’m thinking a NFS (Not for Sale) display table for my events or for my booth OR if a certain 3rd grade teacher sister of mine decides she wants it, it may see a triumphant return to the classroom.  Either way I am already attached to it and can’t wait to get started on it.

Link your Fixin’ To Friday projects in the comment section below or head over to my Facebook and upload your projects under the post.

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UPDATE: You can click here to see the finished product!

Would you Rather

Upcycle or Repurpose? And is there a difference?

Some crazy DIY folks believe there is a stark difference. Stick with me, this it might get weird.

Repurpose to me is just that; to make use of something for other than its intended purpose with little to no modification.

For something to qualify as an Upcycle to me, I have to make some modification (think paint, new upholstery add-ons like legs/wheels etc.)

Why can’t something be Upcycled and Repurposed?  Huh?  Who says it has to be one or the other? Some crazy DIY folks that’s who. Before you get your feelin’s hurt, all DIYers are a little touched, myself included.

Since I am a bit of a rebel I’m going to blow your DIY mind with projects that are both Upcycled and Repurposed.

Now, somehow this stud has managed escape social media for the last couple months.  He was one of my snowpocalypse projects that a super cool gal named Jennifer special ordered.  I like these kind of special orders because it was basically:

Jenn:  I want a suitcase table.

and I was all: okay I have a suitcase and a table base do you trust me?

and she was like: Yeah I do. Just let me know when he’s ready.

He’s so whimsical. I’ve been meaning to ask Jenn if any point he’s launched into “Be Our Guest.”

Suitcase Table - The Junkery

This is my second attempt at a suitcase table and I’ll give you one tip: use a single base.  Those four leg ones are adorable but not as easy as one would think to assemble.  Some crap about it needing to be level…I don’t know.

Next up is this dresser drawer turned blanket chest or in my buyer’s case a great entryway catchall for backpacks, jackets, shoes and the like.

Drawer Blanket Chest - The Junkery

He is on casters so he slides easily under the bed or around the room behind your toddler as you pick up after that little natural disaster.  I could not get over the detail on the drawer and that is the original handle.  Side note: I had four of these drawers to begin with.  Can you imagine how huge that chest of drawers must have been to house all four of those beasts?

My absolute most favorite thing to do though is find unique uses for great Junk.  Not always using an old piece to create something new but using old things for a new purpose.

This yellow Ironstone mug succulent planter is precious and about the only thing I can manage to keep alive.  I’d consider this to be a thoroughbred repurpose.  I did nothing to this other than plop that sucker in there.

Mug Succlant Planter - The Junkery


In the interest of truth in blogging and because I usually like to be the one that says what everyone else is only is thinking “repurposing” and “upcycling” can become real sketchy territory. We have all seen it, you know that stuff on Pinterest or Etsy that you mouth the word WHYYYY as you move your face closer to the screen to get a better look. Doll parts into earrings or chamber pots into herb gardens, no, just no. Now, I am all for creativity but really that chamber pot should have just stayed chamber pot.

Do you have any Repurpose or Upcycle Fails?

Of course I don’t aside from that 4 legged, slightly wonky suitcase table.

Thanks for reading