My Favorite Blogs

Honestly, I follow lots of blogs on a regular basis because well,  I’m nosy and really just like knowing what others are into and I believe most people with a blog pour their heart and soul into what they share.

That said, I tend to be selective about what I ask others to invest their time in.

The following are blogs that I not only enjoy, but also feel a spirit animal connection with the HUMAN behind the blog.  These are blogs I have spent days, weeks or months rifling through their archives like a perv through a panty drawer.  I hope you love them as much as I do.

Miss Mustard Seed – Marian is a real girl, with a real family and a nose ring and she does everything with her whole heart.

Perfectly Imperfect – Shaunna is a fellow southern gal.  She is completely fearless when it comes to pursuing her dreams. She’s the Paula Deen of home décor.

Rain on a Tin Roof – Jenna is a fellow Tennessee gal!  She loves Conway Twitty and is wicked funny.  If the blogging thing doesn’t work out she’d surely have a job in stand-up.

Vintage Revivals – Mandi is the girl you want sitting next to you in Geometry class. She can have you weeping about The Nugget or something as personal as addiction all in the same post.  Mandi makes you feel stuff…good stuff.

I’ll add to this list periodically but dig around in these blogs and you’ll be lost in them for months.


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