Fall Inventory

I had intentions of starting Monday and showing a little of the new fall inventory each day.  Since I didn’t and today is Wednesday you get three days all in one.

I really like to gather inspiration before I start shopping for a particular sale or season. Here was my inspiration board I created for the 2015 Fall Inventory:

Fall Inspo Sneak Peek - The Junkery

First Up, who doesn’t need good camping mugs?   Mugs3 - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

My family absolutely loves to camp and I like to have the comforts of home without having to take my pretties out into wild and risk them getting broken.  These are perfect to keep packed with the camping supplies. I still feel fancy drinking out of ceramic mugs but I won’t be heartbroken if one of them does not make it because they aren’t part of a larger set I use on the daily.

Next up is this adorable blue lantern.

Lantern - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

He is still dirty and nothing fancy, I don’t even know if he works but if you are decorating a nursery, big boy room or even a man space this little guy would make a great addition.  You could probably go down to the Hob Lob and find a non-working reproduction type thing but I just think he could really add a touch of authenticity to any man space.  I’m all for authenticity!

Lastly for today is this Yellowstone National Park mug.

Yellowstone Mug - Fall Inventory - The Junkery

If you remember when I did the first sneak peek here I talked about the little Milk Glass KOA mug from Colorado.  For some reason I got a kick out of the fact that both of these mugs came from across the country to hang out in East Tennessee.

I’ll be featuring a few more items between now and Friday.  I hope you can make it out Saturday to see the full inventory!

Sidewalk Sale Flier

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The Sniff Test (Update)

If you haven’t had the pleasure, go read the original The Sniff Test post.

So, the fate of “The Rug” has been determined.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, the good news is the rug was absolutely beautiful.  The minty green matched my mantle perfectly and I could work with the rest if it.  It was a strange square shape but  I could work with that too.

The Sniff Test - Rug 2 - The Junkery

The Sniff Test - Rug 1 - The Junkery

Now for the bad news or should I say SAD news. There was not one visible discoloration or really even appearance of wear.  It appeared to be in great condition but my beautiful rug was a big, fat, huge, liar!

The Sniff Test - Rug 3 - The Junkery

Remember how I said I read somewhere that a good quality rug could be salvaged if it was only a spot or two of pee-pee? Yeah well this is clearly more than a spot or two.  I can actually make out where the couch and coffee table were most likely positioned.  Can you?  Those were the only areas of the backside of the rug that were not pee stained.  Now to their credit the previous owners did a fantastic job of cleaning the front side of the rug.  I’d even venture to say it may have been professionally cleaned in an effort to try and salvage it.

Needless to say…

I owned that rug less than 24 hours

The Sniff Test - Trash - The Junkery

That’s $25 of my life I’ll never get back.

Always, Always, Always do THE SNIFF TEST.

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Happy Hollerpalooza Street Fair

Happy Hollerpalooza Street Fair - The Junkery

September 26, 2015 North Central Street will be blocked off from Baxter Avenue to Scott Street to provide the people of Knoxville a chance to party in Happy Holler and see all that the area has to offer. This is a family friendly event offering free music, free parking and free admission. Bring everyone you know to enjoy food, handmade crafts, wares, artwork, jewelry and simply wonderful stuff from local vendors. Come dance in the streets and while you’re in the area check out the stores of Happy Holler, because there is certainly something for everyone.

Happy Holler Sign - The Junkery

This will be my first time participating in this event and I am so excited to be included!

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The Sniff Test

Before I get into today’s post I wanted to share a sneak peek of a couple of Fall inventory items that I will be bringing with me to the Sidewalk Sale.

Flask - KOA Mug - The Junkery

We have a camping trip planned for Labor Day and In the event you haven’t noticed I am super inspired!  Check out this Milk Glass KOA mug!  I guarantee you will not find this little booger in any KOA gift shop anymore.  Plus, it made it’s way to East Tennessee all the way from Durango Colorado, probably in that plaid suitcase I used as the backdrop. Who knows?  Next up is the this Lumbersexual Flask.  Ohhhhhh how I have been waiting to use the word Lumbersexual.  It’s real leather with a glass container.  I am swimming in flannel so stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the Fall inventory!

So I never do this, but today I made a hasty purchase and I’m beside myself.

On my lunch break, I was browsing the local thrift store when I came across about 20 Homer Laughlin Seville Cups like this one.

Sevill Blanc - Homer Laughlin (2)

They were .49 but were 50% off.  Freekin SCORE. I loaded those puppies up and was feeling fantastic. While I’m rolling over in my brain whether or not to keep them all for myself I spot an adorable thermos that will fit right in with my Fall inventory for dirt cheap cha-ching another score.  About this time I’m feeling pretty great.  Ya know the endorphins are in full effect.

I head over to the linen section and I see a gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS, massive rug draped over the racks.  Since I am who I am (lol) I can most certainly call dibs whenever I want just like I almost did with those Homer Laughlin mugs and you can bet your boots I did on this rug.  I already had a place for it.

A 50ish woman was intently inspecting it. Like, readers on the tip of her nose inspecting it.  I start to circle, like a vulture, once, twice, in the third turn I see her go toward the door.  I assume, either I have successfully scared her off or she is going to call her man to bring the truck. In one of my passes I happened to notice the tag said $24.99.  What the???  I lug my mugs to the front still eyeing the big, beautiful rug.  I let the chick get me about ¾ of the way checked out when I say, go ahead and add that rug on too.

I never saw the 50ish woman again and now I know why.

Once I’ve eyeballed for stains, which I rather obviously did during my circling, I always, always, ALWAYS do The Sniff Test, for you know, smoke, pet odor and such.  I have always had pretty good luck purchasing used rugs and happy as a pig in mud I head back to work.  Then it hits me I didn’t do The Sniff Test!  The dialog in my head went something like this:

“Dagummit Amber, you just wasted $25.  Do you know how many rolls of jute you will have to sell to make back that $25.”

(in my super judgmental voice that I generally try to keep tucked neatly inside my head)  “Surely anyone who could afford a rug like that would not be a dirty bird, surely”

While different versions of this conversation ping-pong back and forth in my head, I cannot get back to the office fast enough. I whip and nea nea in to my parking spot and jerk open the back door.  FIRST SNIFF, DOG PEE! Geezflippinloueez!

The inner dialog begins again!

“No dang wonder is was $24.99 Amber!”

“But Maybe it is just the one spot”

“Yeah right, what are the odds that the ONLY one is the spot you sniffed first? That thing is probably covered in tinkle.  In fact, some crazy dog lady used it in her “dog room”

I am certain tonight I will have nightmares of gigantic Great Danes and tiny Teacup Poodles all using my rug like an oversized Wee-Wee Pad.

Oh, and yes, I am sure it’s dog pee.  Let’s not pretend there is not a difference.

Because I am at my big girl job until 4:30, the actual condition of the rug remains to be seen.  However from everything I have read online good quality rugs can generally be salvaged if it is just a spot or two.

If anything, I guess I just learned a $25 lesson; never let endorphins talk you out of The Sniff Test.

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Back to School 2015!

Hi Friends! It’s been a minute but this whole Back to School: Middle School Edition has been no joke.  That’s right folks, I have a middle schooler and a rather cute one might I add.

Addy - The Junkery

Saturday August 8, 2015 was my monthly Saturday to work at The Cottage Door, the store where my booth is located and because I’m not there that much it really does not feel like work to me.  I enjoy so much getting to see my friends and customers who come in to shop.

Chalk Board - The Junkery

In this Fixin’ to Friday post I talked about this awesome school table that needed a little TLC.  Well, I finished the top in a creamy white with a flat finish it and it is now for sale in my booth!  I left the legs wood for an authentic schoolhouse feel.

School Table - The Junkery

School Table - Finished - The Junkery

Sadly the cubbies sold separately.  I had really hoped someone would purchase the two together but I’m always happy to sell and make room for more junk.

I generally do not shop too many holiday or themed items for my booth but I ran across a few back to school items recently and I could not resist putting together a Back to School display.

School Bell - The Junkery George Washington - The Junkery Folding Chairs - The Junkery

This little rusty school desk is one of my favorite finds ever. With some help, I cleaned it up and chalkboard painted the top.  That’s it!  I think the rusted base gives it so much character!  I could not get the file to load here but check out my Facebook page for the video of my sweet little helper! It sold within hours along with the little red folding chairs and brass desk organizer.  I have a thing for children’s chairs.  I cannot help myself!

Rusty School Desk - The Junkery

In other news, I hope to have a winter show schedule posted soon.

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Recent Sale Recaps

So unfortunately it took me a while to get to this post.  I’m lame. Sorry. In the future I am going to try to process out my thoughts here on the blog before the just evaporate all together.  For some reason after a particularly busy working weekend of shows I become somewhat withdrawn from the blog because I am afraid of sharing anything too negative but I have decided its really better to just get it all down and worry about the tone during editing. Saturday May 2, 2015 I participated in the Clinch River Antique Festival. The day was a hoot! Keith, my son and I started early, like 4:30 early.  I behaved the way he does when its the first day of bow season.  I had the coffee on, the eggs scrambled and the truck loaded all by about 5:15 (okay he loaded the truck the night before) but I helped. He didn’t speak the whole way there and he really only grunted to the organizers who were showing us where to park and unload. Upon arrival I realized I had almost twice as much space as I thought I had.  Instead of a 10×10 I was in a 10×18 space.  While it was glorious to spread out my goodies with space to move around, I do feel there is something to be said for a cozy space spilling into the isles with awesome junk.  I find that each event I participate in I learn a little more about my set up, what sells and what doesn’t. Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Booth My son and Keith helped me unload.  We have discovered my son absolutely loves to work.  He unloaded about 25% of my stuff himself.  Sometimes he was moving or trying to move things twice his size.  It was comical to the say the least. The City of Clinton closes down a couple of roads in the heart of the city and has 100 plus vendors lined down either sides.  I was set up and ready in plenty of time before the shoppers started arriving.  It was a chilly spring morning but by about 10:00 a.m. the sun was warming us and the smell of kettle corn was in the air.  My friend Casey came and sat with me most of the day which was great because when I needed food or a potty break she manned the fort and kept me company of course. Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Copper Canister Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Enamel Candle Holder Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Flour Sack - Foot Stool Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Ironstone - Feathers Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Ironstone - Succulents Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Milk Paint - Apples - Succlents Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Milk Paint - Lazy Suzan - Jute Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Scale Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Scale2 Clinch River Spring Antique Fair - 2015 - The Junkery - Transferware Gravy Boat I was emptied out by pretty early on which meant that my 10×18 space looked even more sparse. The next day with a little more than half the inventory I had Saturday I headed over to The Traveling Bazaar and even with Cruze Farm Ice Cream, Mister Canteen Food Truck, Honeybee Coffee and a musical guest we couldn’t compete with the beautiful weather in Knoxville that day. My sales were dismal but I’m excited about participating in The Traveling Bazaar upcoming events though.  I’ll be shopping all summer long for new inventory. May 17, 2015 The Market on McCalla was held at Nostalgia in Knoxville. I was so looking forward to this event and was so bummed when I elected not to participate. I could not stand the thought of all of my milk and chalk painted furniture melting in the weather that day.  Turns out the rain cleared out long enough for the sale to take place so I suppose I missed the boat.  Fortunately for me the sale is held every second Sunday from April to September so I am looking forward to another chance later this year. Thanks for reading Amber

Special Thanks to Stefanie Stair for photographing my goodies!