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RiverView Recap

On December 4 & 5, The Junkery Vintage Market once again participated in the RiverView Family Farm Holiday Barn Sale.  This is one of my favorite events of the year!  We’ve had a fairly mild winter so far this year here in East Tennessee but the sale took place the weekend of a fairly chilly cold snap.  Fortunately, the sun was blazing both days and the farm could not have been a more magical place to spend my weekend!

My husband was scheduled to go out of town for work so the logistics of this particular weekend proved to be pretty tricky.  We were permitted to set up Thursday night before the sale so Keith, the kids, and I went over to the Cottage Door to pick up my inventory and delivered it to the venue.

I worked on a few projects Thursday evening and got up early to load the truck.  Once I dropped Archer off I was on my way.

Archer and Mommy - The Junkery

I arrived at the barn super early both days and it could not have been more beautiful there.

RiverView - The Junkery

RiverView Barn - The Junkery

My space was in a corner which made set up on Friday morning super easy!

Sign - The Junkery

Booth 1 - The JunkeryBooth 2 - The Junkery

I decided to carry my fall inventory right on into the holidays and had plenty of camping gear and flannel to go around.  I sold both tables on the right Friday day so I brought this adorable desk and abacus to fill the space Saturday morning.

Obviously Graison thought it was pretty cool!

I had an Instagram follower Cathy (right) and her sister come by to meet in person which is maybe only the second time that has happened and will probably never stop being the coolest thing ever.

Followers to Friends - The Junkery

Then some old friends showed up!


Roben and Tatum are some very dear friends who always manage to find me wherever I turn up.

Tatum and I love Christmas bulbs and we talk about them yearly.Tatum - Amber 2014 - 2015 - The Junkery

Also, Tatum found a cinnamon roll and took care of business

I’ll close with a few more photos.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath 2 - The JunkeryBicycle Wheel Wreath - The JunkeryCamping 2 - The JunkeryFlannel Bunting - The JunkeryStockings - The JunkeryCamping - The JunkeryRusty Oil Can - The Junkery

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RiverView Recap

On December 5 & 6 I set up shop at the RiverView Family Farm Barn Sale. I cannot say enough about the hosts Rachel, her Mom Janice and Dad Lafayette. They are some of the kindest people you would ever hope to meet. The other vendors were amazing too.  I love seeing other peoples’ creativity at work. In two short days I managed to almost double what I made at my last sale of three pretty much whole days.  I’m so thankful to all of my friends and customers who came by to see me!

The view was nothing short of spectacular. Cattle everywhere and the RiverView was breathtaking. RiverView Family Farm not only raises grass and grain-fed beef it doubles as a stunning wedding venue. If you ever have a chance to visit TAKE IT!


In the days leading up to the sale my inner Ebenezer Scrooge thankfully took a leave of absence. As much as I wanted to avoid the “holiday” trappings of mainstream retail, (because if everyone is going one way you can be sure Amber is going full steam ahead in the opposite direction and I chalk it up to that rebellious streak my poor mom and dad have grappled with since I was a little girl) my best sellers, of course, were holiday themed items. In the end though, I’m a sucker for Christmas decorations and apparently so is everyone else. Especially when they are so ugly they are cute, like this gal.


Some of my favorites were these Charlie Brown Trees and the bread boards. Shout out to the bread board fairy, you know who you are.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I finally sold my beloved feather art to someone who really got it! Rachel, one of hosts of the event, bought it for her 100 year old farmhouse she is remodeling. She even took the time to show me some photos of her home and she and I connected over our mutual love of shiplap and HGTV. She mentioned they have a Spring event with thousands of eggs and even hinted at another sale for the Spring. Sale or no sale, I am there hunting eggs with my rugrats for sure.


I learned at my first show that inventory was so important and shopped constantly to insure that was not a problem for the Barn Sale. Although I did sell out of all but one stocking, I made sure I had tons of other cute stuff for people to choose from which means I still came home with a good bit of stuff which leads me to my next topic; I may have an opportunity to have inventory somewhere other than my basement. Vague enough for ya??

Stay tuned because I may have a big (to me) announcement to make soon.  In the mean time, enjoy a few of my sale photos.

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P.S. I did sell all but two pieces of my furniture I brought with me so, I suppose the painted furniture gig is quickly becoming a necessary EVIL for me but that is altogether another post.

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Barn Sale at Riverview Family Farm

December 5 & 6 I will be at the Riverview Family Farm Barn Sale at 12130 Prater Lane, Knoxville, TN 37922. I’ll have a space inside so weather should not be an issue.

I have been shopping, cleaning, fixing, painting and pricing for the last month or so to get ready for the sale and I haven’t exactly nailed down a theme as I would have liked to because I really could not afford to be too choosy with this particular sale being so soon buuuuut let’s just say I am going to have a very hard time parting with most of the items. I love them that much.

My basement is still in “Purge Mode” (if you haven’t already, you can read about that madness here) the only set up prior to sale will be in my mind’s eye which worked pretty well for me last sale, albeit profoundly nerve wracking.

I found at the last sale, once I had a good sweep of people a lot of my inventory was depleted to the point that each night after we closed up I was fishing for stuff at home to replenish. This go round I have broadened my search terms and now have a variety of things going at one time; the primary being Farmhouse, obviously some Vintage Christmas, a little Tribal and some Vintage Industrial. I have some Children’s items and even a few nautical items if you like that sort of thing.

Additionally, my booth will be filled with painted furniture, succulents, breadboards and MORE TRIBAL BLANKETS which were a huge it at my last sale. You can expect a lot of muted tones and not a whole lot of vibrant colors. Most of my Christmas items aren’t bright red and green but more vintage Christmas.

For the sale, I would suggest bringing a large bag or tote and perhaps even some newspaper or bubble wrap to carry your treasures, I will certainly plan to have that stuff on hand though. I will be accepting cash or credit/debit but I suggest carrying some cash with you as some other vendors may not be equipped to accept credit cards.

I feel like I learned so much with my first sale I absolutely cannot wait for you to see what I’ve got planned.