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RiverView Recap

On December 4 & 5, The Junkery Vintage Market once again participated in the RiverView Family Farm Holiday Barn Sale.  This is one of my favorite events of the year!  We’ve had a fairly mild winter so far this year here in East Tennessee but the sale took place the weekend of a fairly chilly cold snap.  Fortunately, the sun was blazing both days and the farm could not have been a more magical place to spend my weekend!

My husband was scheduled to go out of town for work so the logistics of this particular weekend proved to be pretty tricky.  We were permitted to set up Thursday night before the sale so Keith, the kids, and I went over to the Cottage Door to pick up my inventory and delivered it to the venue.

I worked on a few projects Thursday evening and got up early to load the truck.  Once I dropped Archer off I was on my way.

Archer and Mommy - The Junkery

I arrived at the barn super early both days and it could not have been more beautiful there.

RiverView - The Junkery

RiverView Barn - The Junkery

My space was in a corner which made set up on Friday morning super easy!

Sign - The Junkery

Booth 1 - The JunkeryBooth 2 - The Junkery

I decided to carry my fall inventory right on into the holidays and had plenty of camping gear and flannel to go around.  I sold both tables on the right Friday day so I brought this adorable desk and abacus to fill the space Saturday morning.

Obviously Graison thought it was pretty cool!

I had an Instagram follower Cathy (right) and her sister come by to meet in person which is maybe only the second time that has happened and will probably never stop being the coolest thing ever.

Followers to Friends - The Junkery

Then some old friends showed up!


Roben and Tatum are some very dear friends who always manage to find me wherever I turn up.

Tatum and I love Christmas bulbs and we talk about them yearly.Tatum - Amber 2014 - 2015 - The Junkery

Also, Tatum found a cinnamon roll and took care of business

I’ll close with a few more photos.

Bicycle Wheel Wreath 2 - The JunkeryBicycle Wheel Wreath - The JunkeryCamping 2 - The JunkeryFlannel Bunting - The JunkeryStockings - The JunkeryCamping - The JunkeryRusty Oil Can - The Junkery

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Happy Hollerpalooza Street Fair

Happy Hollerpalooza Street Fair - The Junkery

September 26, 2015 North Central Street will be blocked off from Baxter Avenue to Scott Street to provide the people of Knoxville a chance to party in Happy Holler and see all that the area has to offer. This is a family friendly event offering free music, free parking and free admission. Bring everyone you know to enjoy food, handmade crafts, wares, artwork, jewelry and simply wonderful stuff from local vendors. Come dance in the streets and while you’re in the area check out the stores of Happy Holler, because there is certainly something for everyone.

Happy Holler Sign - The Junkery

This will be my first time participating in this event and I am so excited to be included!

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New Dance Floor!

Back in December I shared with you here that The Junkery had outgrown our basement and I’d be moving into Heavenly Bling Boutique in Knoxville. Well the time has come friends, I’m moving out!

I generally work this little business of mine on my lunch break from my Big Girl Job or nights and weekends.  While lunch breaking one weekday I start chatting up a sweet lady and I quickly learned that she is co-owner at Cottage Door Antiques in Fountain City.

Cottage Door Logo

Now my friends will tell you I am a bit of a fangirl and not just for Adam Levine or Jaren Johnston but anyone who does what I want to do, wears what I want to wear, eats what I want to eat…you get the picture. So needless to say I almost peed down my leg when the owner of one of my stomping grounds is talking shop to me. As I tried to maintain myself the conversation became very businessy very quickly.  I let a day or two pass so as not to seem too awful stalkerish and I went into The Cottage Door.  I have been there a hundred times but walking in this time was somehow different.  A blast of opportunity hit me square in the face as I entered and for the first time since beginning my business I felt nothing but pure excitement.  Not fear, not apprehension, not doubt but excitement.

That day I spoke with another one of the other co-owners of The Cottage Door and she showed me the available space.  The next day I got the call and official invitation to join the ladies at the Cottage Door Antiques. I will be moving my space April 12, 2015. I will also be working at the store 1 Saturday a month. I am grateful for my three months at Heavenly Bling but I am excited to be learning and growing my business.

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